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Name: 1800WPC 
Input Characteristics
Input Rated Voltage:    200—240Vac
Input Voltage Range:    176—264Vac
Inrush Current:         ≤80A
Max Input Current:      ≤10A
Efficiency:             ≥92%
Output Characteristics
Output Rated Voltage:	12.25Vdc
Output Voltage Range:	11.63-12.86Vdc
Output Rated Current:	1800A
Output Min Current:	0-150A
Load Regulation Rate:	≤±2%
Line Regulation Rate:	≤±1	
Turn on Delay Time:	≤3S
Rising Time:	        ≤100mS
Output Hold Time:	≧10mS
Ripple & Noise:	        ≤180mVp-p
ON/OFF Overshoot Range:	≤±5	
Overshoot Range:        ±5% 
Restore Time:           △ t ≤ 200µS
Protection characteristics
OCP:                   ≤185A
OTP:                    Restart
Insulation and Safety
Dielectric Strength
Input to Output:       3000Vac/10mA/1min
Input to Ground:	1500Vac/10mA/1min
Output to Ground:	500Vdc/5mA/1min
Insulation Resistance	
Input to Output:	≥50MΩ@500Vdc
Input to Ground:	≥50MΩ@500Vdc
Output to Ground:	≥50MΩ@500Vdc
Constant Temp & Humidity:  +40℃±2℃     93%±3%
Insulation Resistance
Input to Ground:        ≥2MΩ@500Vdc
Using Environment
Operating Temp:	-40-+50℃
Storage Temp:  	-40―+85	℃
Operating Humidity:	5-90% 
Storage Humidity:	0~95% 
Altitude:      	≤5000	M
Cooling:	        Fan cooling;Fan speed 0.5m/S