Highest hashrate or most effiecient at your own choice

Three build-in powerplans

Goldshell X5 provides customers three powerplans.
Cryptopcurrency's mining strategy could be changed flexibly according to different market situations.
All you need to do is just one click.
When the market boost up and utilities compares nothing to the crypto currencie's price. You can set the miner to this mode to gain the maximum hashrate.
We highly recommend our customers to choose this mode in most situations especially when you are new to crypto currencie's mining world. Goldshell X5 is the world's first miner that provides 1.37 W/MH power hashrate ratio.
This mode provides our customers the most energy saving plans when mining crypto currencies, especially when the market is low and utilities cost is relatively high. Goldshell X5 could provide a 1.10 W/MH power hashrate ratio in this mode.

ICQ510 Chip, especially designed ASIC chip to mine LTC coins

Goldshell X5 is equipped with powerful ICQ510 ASIC chip. ICQ510 provides ultra low power consumption (down to 0.84J/MH).

Smart controller based on quad core ARM Cortex-A9 microprocessor

We designed the smart controller from scratches and equipped it with quad core ARM Cortex-A9 SoC to make sure it is powerful enough to operate a Linux based operating system.

This SoC could run up to 1 GHz. Working together with the hardware crypto engine, the smart controller could provide extra acceleration in mining LTC coins.

Smart temprature control system

Goldshell X5 monitors miner's temperature when machine is running. Temperature data from every single chip and computing board are sent to the smart controller every second to make sure miner is running safely.

When system detects risks of miner overheated, it will automatically increase fan speed to lower the temperature. Miner will be shut down automatically if the temperature reaches up to the alerting value.

Yotta MC, crypto mining could never be this easy!

Yotta MC provides a user friendly interface to our costumers to control Goldshell X5. It is powerful and easy to use.