Build hardware environment

1 Please check the package and make sure it has no visuable damages before you sign the package.
2 When you open the shipping box, please check the miner again and shake it slightly to check if there is any component fallen inside of the miner.
3 If there is no visuable damamge and there is no sound after you shake the miner, then please connect the power supply unit(PSU) to the miner.Do not power on the miner!
4 Connect the internet cable to the miner and the router. Please check your router and make sure it support DHCP function.
5 Check if the data cable is well connected.(Check the plugs are in the right position in the socket)

Power on the miner

Press the switch on the back side of the power supply unit(PSU). and you will see the two red and green leds are blinking. The operating system of the miner will fullly started after 30 seconds and you will see only green light is on.

If green light is not on after 30 seconds you powered on the machine, check the status of the leds. Please click here to check the led reference page.

Log into the miner’s control panel

1 Search miner’s IP address.

a. Download the IP scanner tool Angry IP Scanner and choose proper version you want to install on you PC.


b. Install Angry IP Scanner and open it.


c. Type the IP address range that you want to scan. Here we hypertically assume that your computer and miner is connected to the same local area network. In this case, check your gateway address, for example if gateway address is, then the IP address range you need to scan is to


d. Click start button.

e. Wait until the scanning porocess is down and you will see a lot IP address. Find the Hostname column and look for goldshell X5. After you found our this hostname, the corresponded IP address is the miner’s address.


2 Open your browser and type the miner’s IP address in the address bar.


We highly suggest our customers to use google chrome web browser as default web browser. If you use other web browser, it might cause unpredictable problems.

3 Now you can see the Goldshell X5’s web control pannel.

Set up the basic miner configuration

1 Click the unclok button button and type the default password 123456789 to unlock it.


2 Click the Miner page.


3 Click Add button and type the basic pool setting information. Then click apply button.


4 Click miner page again and wait until the miner’s status changed to ACTIVE.


5 Click Home page and wait until hashrate force goes up into the normal range and now the miner starts to earn LTC!



LTC is just like other cryptocurrencies, its price fluctuates all the time. You can change the powerplan of the miner when mining LTC. We totally have three modes: hashrate mode, balanced mode and low power mode. When market situation goes down, you can choose low power mode to save utilities cost, in the opposite, if LTC price is very high, hashrate mode is highly suggested.

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