How to set up a miner?

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How to set up the network of a newly purchased miner?

After you opened the box of the miner, plug the PSU calbes into the miner and connect the internet cable between router and miner. Connect the PC into the same network(it does not matter if you choose wifi connection or ethernet connection).

How am I supposed to do to get miner’s IP?

Power on the miner and check if the green light is on. Make sure you connect all the hardware correctly. Then intsall a third party IP scan tool called Angry IP Scanner. You might need to install some other dependencies in order to successfully run the Angry IP Scanner. Open the tool after it is successfully installed and type the IP range you want to scan. For example, if your router’s IP is, the IP range should be Click scan button and when it is finished, check out the host column. The IP with host name Goldshell X5 is the one you are looking for.

How to set the miner’s IP to a fixed value?

Open your web browser (we highly recommand the google chrome as default web browser) and type the miner’s IP.


Click unlock


Click System


Change the status of DHCP IPv4 configuration from on to off and type the fixed vaule of IP you want to use in IPv4 address bar and type the subnet mask value as, find out the router’s IP and type it in the last blank. At last, click appply


How to update the miner’s operating system?

Open Goldshell X5 official website.


Select the newest firmware version of the miner. Download it and save it on your PC.


Open a new tag in your web browser and type the miner’s IP.


Click unclock button and type the password to unclock miner.


Click System and click browse button. Choose the firmware you saved on your PC and click update


After I run the miner for a while, hash rate is lower than the normal working values in the specifications. Does it mean this miner has some problem?

Goldshell X5 miner has three working modes. We have designated ideal hash rate in each mode. Since hash rate is fluctuating all the time when miner is running, any number within 10 percent below or above the ideal hash rate is normal.

When the miner is running, it is very noisy. Is it normal?

Goldsherll X5 miner is designed to meet the normal standard in block chain industry. Our products have relativly low noise compared to other brands’ miners.

How to connect the miner to pools?

After you log into the home page, click unlock.


Type the default password 123456789, then click Apply button.

Click miner page and click add button


Type the basic pool settings in the newly pumnped out page.


Click Apply and wait until the pool status change to active.


Lights indicators are blinking on the back side of the miner, what does it mean?

Goldshell X5 miner has two lgiht indicators on back side of the miner. We have designed 8 combinations with these green and red Led to show differnet massages to users. Please ckeck the specific description below:

Miner is in normal working status

Miner is in reset process

Miner is waiting for valid pool

Compute board error

Miner overheating warning

Fan error

Network error

Light indicator function ON

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