Prepare Hardware

After you’ve received the miner, you need to do the following things

  1. Shake the miner a little bit to check if there are any cooling fins falling off. If there are any, do NOT turn on the miner, call customer service
  2. Check if the data cable is properly connected
  3. Connect the power cable
  4. Connect the ethernet cable

Prepare network

Goldshell X5 uses DHCP to accquire IP by default, so you must configure your router to support DHCP before turning on the miner

Turn on the miner

After step 1 and step 2, turn on the miner. The red and green LED blinks samutaneously indicates that the miner is booting up. If every thing goes well, after about 1 minute, you will see only the green LED is blinking. That indicates the miner has connected to a mining pool successfully and is mining

Get access to the miner’s admin page

Currently you need a 3rd-party tool to search for the miners IP

  1. Download and install Angry IP scanner
  2. Search the IP range that miner should take
  3. Find x5.goldshell in the Hostname column. In this example, the found IP is
  4. Open in Google Chrome
  5. You will see the main page which shows mining status

Note: Yotta MC (Goldshell’s web UI, learn more) supports only chrome browser at this time

Change to your pool

  1. Unlock the miner (Click the button on the top-right corner), the default password is 123456789
  2. Click Miner on the side panel, you will see the Pool settings section is marked as Unlocked, that means you can change the pool settings
  3. Select the checkbox of the already runing pool, click Remove button
  4. Click Add button, a new interface will prompt where you can input your own pool information
  5. After a while, if every thing goes okay, you’ll notice your pool is marked as ACTIVE, which means it’s runing

Next Steps

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