What payment method can I use to buy the Goldshell X5 miner?

So far we only accept the payment transferring though bank system. We are sorry that we do not accept other payment methods such as paypal, credit card etc. Also, RMB is the only currency we accept.

How am I supposed to do when I am making the payment?

When you are transferring the payment to our company, please make sure that you write the right company name and account information. These are very important to avoid the unnecessary loss.

After I purchased the Goldshell X5 miner, does my payment include the shipping fees and installation fees?

We are sorry that the shipping fess and installation fess are not included in the payment. Costumer must pay the shipping fees and installation fees separately. The default shipping method is SF Express. Since SF express is the third party, our company will only make promise that the starting time of the shipment is accurate, we are not able to guarantee the exact arriving time of every shipment. The estimated arriving time is based on the estimation made by the third party. It is also the third parties’ responsibilities to make sure every shipment arrives at the destination safe and without damage.

Can I have refund after I purchased the machine or can I change a new machine if I am not satisfied with the machine?

Once the machine has been sold, we are sorry that we cannot cancel the order and refund the costumer. We will replace the machine only if product itself has quality issues. Besides, digital currencies’ price fluctuate with the current market price, so miner’s price also fluctuates. Once the miner has been sold out, we will not charge or compensate the price difference of the machine. We reserve the right to adjust the miner’s price as well.

Does Goldshell X5 miner comes with warranty

Goldshell X5 miner comes with 6 months limited warranty.

After I set up the miner, it is not running normally, can I open the miner to check it?

Every Goldshell X5 miner is equipped with anti tamper label, please do not tear it down to open the machine. Warranty will automatically be terminated right after anti tamper label is broken. If miner is not functioning properly, please contact our customer services immediately.

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